Zorina + Daniel

As a family they are really big on taking Photos & videos, starting at Swanbourne lake with the proposal. It may have taken 14 years and 4 kids to get to their magical day… But boy was it emotional.

14 years in the making

Why do you want to capture your wedding at Cissbury Barns on film?

As a family we are really big on taking Photos & videos & we wanted something we will have forever to share with people that weren’t able to make the day & it’s some to show our grandchildren, one day in the far far future! Also by having a videographer there you get to see all the bits you missed throughout the day. As a bride I got to see what my groom & his men got up to in the morning. I also waited 14 years for my day so wanted to have something I could watch over & over.

Is there a favourite film of yours on our web site? We’d really love to know which one and why?

We loved all your work. I really had our heart set on some kind of coloured smoke effect shot on our day although we didn’t see this this in your other films when I asked it was an immediate yes we can! We loved your attitude to making our moments unique.

Why did you pick us to film your wedding at Cissbury Barns

I went to the wedding fair at the Amex in Brighton especially to look for a videographer, I had spent many many hours looking for someone online & met others at various wedding fairs but they just didn’t seem to capture the day like I had envisaged in my head. Then I met Nick at the Amex & I just clicked with him straight away, he got me & my sense of humour. I knew then I had to have The Filming company to capture our day. Also after seeing some buskers on the internet I decided I wanted smoke & boy did Nick & Rob deliver they researched it all & the best way to do it.

All the guests were complimenting on it & it looks amazing on the screen & in the pictures!

You guys?… What do you do ?.. How do you spendyour days?.. What’s important in life?

I Zorina was made redundant at the end of last year so at the moment I am a stay at home Mummy. We have 4 beautiful children so they keep me busy. Daniel works in civil engineering & works away the majority of the time.

Was there a proposal? Tell us everything?

There certainly was a proposal, Daniel took me & the kids to Swanbourne lake in Arundel on my birthday. Little did I know he had arranged a photographer to be there & capture the moment by pretending to be there taking photos of the ducks/lake but he was in fact capturing it all!

Cissbury Barns … Why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

We chose Cissbury barns in Findon for our venue. We chose it because the setting is just stunning & Helen who runs things there was just amazing & again we clicked & it felt right for us.

What’s in store for your guests when they arrive at the venue?

We wanted a big party feeling, we wanted a relaxed fun feeling for our guests. It really was an emotional day.

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