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We make Superb Wedding Films …no matter what!

Given the ever-changing wedding landscape, we are a supplier that you can count on – no matter what. In caring so much about family and friends missing out, many forget the most important reason to get a wedding film made, it’s so you get to relive one of the most important days in your lives – the bonus is letting others in on your beautiful day – on the day or well after the event. After all, everyone loves a good love story. Why not let it be yours?

Below is an example of a wedding highlights, just one of the films that each of our couples receives shortly after their special day.

“Thank you so much to Morgan for capturing our wedding day and giving us beautiful videos to treasure forever! From start to finish dealing with you has been a pleasure! We couldn’t recommend the filming company enough!”

– Kayleigh Morris Nov 2020

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No matter your plans, be they traditional, elopement, live stream, or something else entirely, we can create a film that truly portrays the intimacy and emotion of your day. You don’t need to be good in front of a camera because we’re discreet and use small cameras and zoom lenses so most of the time you won’t even know we’re there.

The C Word

We are all looking towards the future with optimism. That’s what a wedding is, an optimistic commitment to a future together. So as you sit there planning out that future, why not also consider how you will want to look back on the day you made that future commitment to each other. Optimism often gets confused with positivity but the difference is that the optimist acknowledges potential hiccups on the road ahead, plans on how to avoid them and hopes for the best. That said, many couples are worried about postponements and we’re proud to say that our team is big enough to accommodate any new wedding date at no additional cost if postponed due to Covid.


Take us with you on part or all of your elopement and show everyone how it all happened.

Sophie and Johnny had a big day planned but decided to elope to Gibraltar and have a big party on their first anniversary. We made sure they took plenty of videos on the road trip and got ourselves out to Gibraltar to film them for a couple of days. We’ll also be there to film their anniversary party too.

Live Broadcasts

Your ceremony broadcast from multiple cameras LIVE. With no impact on yourselves, we can broadcast your wedding to a private youtube or social media page where your guests can watch and comment together, as it happens. It’s not smartphone footage, these are the same cinema cameras used to create your wedding film and we can switch between them seamlessly to capture the magic from every angle. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Guest Messages

Your guests send video messages for you to us. We edit them together into one film so you can watch it at the venue. It’s also a video you can watch back long after the day. We’ve already seen so many faces light up when these are played.

It all happens so fast, sometimes it’s little comments during a speech that we forget over time! Don’t let this moment pass.

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