Tess + Drew

As it turns out, we hadn’t realised how much of the day would just go by in a blur, and how much of the day we would miss while having our photos taken

Homely, relaxed and comfortable

Why do you want to capture your wedding at The Garden Barn on film?

At first, this was because there were some family members who were unable to make the journey on the day, but who would have absolutely loved to be there, so we wanted to give them the opportunity to see everything rather than just a few snippets of films caught on guests’ phones. As it turns out, we hadn’t realised how much of the day would just go by in a blur, and how much of the day we would miss while having our photos taken, and so I’m so happy we chose to capture everything on video so we can watch it back and remember it.

Why did you pick us to film your wedding at The Garden Barn

You were recommended to us by a colleague of mine who had used you for her wedding video.  She showed me the highlights video and I loved what I saw.

Is there a favourite film of yours on our web site? We’d really love to know which one and why?

Sadie & Adam.  Love the little touches at their wedding, and the sunset shots taken at the end of the day.

You guys?… What do you do ?.. How do you spendyour days?.. What’s important in life?

I work in brand marketing and Drew works in pharmaceuticals so we work during the week 9 to 5.  Drew’s daughter lives with us half the week, so when we’re not working we’re normally mucking about or watching TV together.  We had a 2 year old labrador who keeps us busy and entertained with lots of walks and mischief.

Was there a proposal? Tell us everything?

Yes, a lovely proposal on Old Hunstanton beach in March. Drew was trying to find the perfect time when the beach was empty, but just as he was about to propose a family walked past and a little boy and girl decided to bring their bucket and spade over and build a sandcastle right next

to us, so he had to be patient and wait until they had gone 🙂

The Garden Barn … Why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

We loved The Garden Barn because not only was it absolutely beautiful, but it also gave us the

flexibility that we wanted to put our own stamp on the day. Unlike a lot of places, we could bring our own drinks and choose our own caterer. We didn’t want our guests to have to travel during the day, so having the ceremony and the reception in the same venue was really important.  Emily,

who owns the barn was the perfect host – there when we needed her on the day and the day before but never interfering.

What’s in store for your guests when they arrive at the venue?

We wanted our guests to feel at home, relaxed and comfortable all day.  We didn’t want anything too formal, which is why we asked our brilliant caterers (Puddinis) to create a sharing roast dinner style meal so people could pass plates to each other and generally get chatting over food, and in the evening we had a platter of food that people could just help themselves to.  We hoped for nice weather, but being in October we couldn’t guarantee it, so we had a marquee with a beautiful flower wall so that people could take pictures of friends and family inside, but with a nice backdrop.  As it turned out though, we were really lucky and didn’t have any rain.