Sophie + Jonny

Our plans have now changed a bit since we’ve decided to get married just the two of us in Gibraltar and then have the ‘big do’ at Minstrel Court next year

A road trip of a life time, a journey for love

Why do you want to capture your wedding in Gibraltar on film?

So many people say their wedding day flew by and they can barely remember anything, and I wanted a way to be able to look back on the day that wasn’t just photographs… a video captures the atmosphere and vibe of a wedding so much better I think, and it gives you the gift of seeing moments from the day you as the bride and groom are usually too caught up in the whirlwind of it all to actually witness. Being the absolute sap that I am, I want to be able to sit down and watch the wedding video back in thirty years’ time with my husband and think “Wow. Look at us, look how happy we were… how lucky are we that we still have that happiness now?”.

Why did you pick us to film your wedding in Gibraltar

You’ve done such an amazing job at my friends’ weddings and the two of you are such lovely people that there wasn’t anyone else we ever would have considered – it was you or nobody! I remember meeting you at the first of my friends’ weddings and thinking you were part of the extended family, then when I found out you weren’t and saw the finished video… Blew my mind!

Is there a favourite film of yours on our web site? We’d really love to know which one and why?

I will forever love Sam and Sam’s video because you captured the day perfectly and the music lifted the whole thing… it was beautiful! In terms of videos on your site currently, I really like Sam and Paul’s video both from a visual/audio perspective but also because I instantly felt like I knew them because you’d captured them so well!

You guys?… What do you do ?.. How do you spendyour days?.. What’s important in life?

I’m a claims handler for an insurance broker and Jon runs his own I.T Support business, so when we’re not at work Jon loves to ride one of his motorbikes with his dad and brother to get away from his screen for a bit, while I quite like reading and chilling out with the dog. I’ll often meet Jon post-ride at his parents’ house with the dog so we can spend some time with them in the garden, which usually leads to the boys discussing bikes while me and his mum discussing our latest knitting projects – a hobby I share with my mum as well.

Family is really important to us both so we like spending time with both sets of parents, but to be honest nothing can beat a lazy weekend of the two of us and the dog chilling on the sofa binge-watching something on Netflix together. I think one of the most important things in life is being content and happy in those ‘quiet’ moments, where neither of you needs to say much for it to still feel like you’ve had the best conversation anyway.

Was there a proposal? Tell us everything?

Oh, yes! The two of us met in Majorca, so in hindsight I should have known we were going to get engaged there too, but I didn’t really think any of it when we booked to go away early last year… I also didn’t think anything of the fact he was super shady at the airport going through security and wouldn’t let me near his hand luggage – I just thought he was being really weird and couldn’t believe how long he was taking since he’d pretty much pushed me into a separate security line so I’d go through way before him!

He was a bit quiet on the flight, which isn’t unusual since neither of us particularly like flying, and he seemed perfectly normal in the taxi until we got to our hotel. There was a huge queue to check-in and lots of people were being turned away and told to leave their hand luggage in the luggage room, but when we eventually go to the front of the queue it turned out our room was ready, which I thought was great but made Jon panic because he thought maybe his mum had called ahead and asked them to decorate our room which would have spoiled the surprise! He usually lets me walk in front of him and holds the door open for me (because he’s really sweet like that), but when we were walking to our room he walked in front of me and was really weird at the door and sort of ‘checked out’ the room before letting me go in, which was just plain strange but I brushed it off anyway.

My knees were hurting from the flight so I sat down on the bed and was stretching my legs (so glam, so attractive… NOT) while Jon paced back and forth, rapid-fire asking if I wanted food or the beach or a walk or a drink or something. That wasn’t too out of character for him because he usually likes to go for a walk straight after a flight, so again I didn’t think anything of it and asked him to help me stretch my legs first, then was getting ready to go when he suddenly said “Wait a sec, I need to give you something before we go”… Next thing I know, he’s down on one knee, asking me to marry him! Spoiler alert: I said yes!

Honestly, it was just the best day – we did go for that walk along the beach right after and spent the entire day in a happy bubble, which then carried through the whole long weekend we were there… it was amazing.

Minstrel Court … Why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

We picked Minstrel Court because we wanted something more ‘low key’ and ‘us’ rather than a big, fancy, posh venue, but also needed something big enough to accommodate everyone we wanted to invite since we have a really big family. We found Minstrel Court after a LOT of searching, and as soon as we arrived we both felt really comfortable and fell in love with how gorgeous it was – the photos we saw didn’t do it justice.

The moment we both knew it was ‘the one’ without a doubt, though, was when we walked down to the outdoor ceremony pavilion which overlooks the lake and stood at the end of the aisle together… I got goosebumps, and we both turned to each other and said ‘this is it’.

Our plans have now changed a bit since we’ve decided to get married just the two of us in Gibraltar and then have the ‘big do’ at Minstrel Court next year, but the magic of that lake and the pavilion will be just as special next year and I can’t wait!

What’s in store for your guests when they arrive at the venue in 2021?

We want our guests to feel comfortable, happy and to simply have a lovely time. We want them to feel like they’re part of the day rather than just observing us getting married and being shuffled around for pictures here and there. We hope they’ll have fun and let their hair down, which is what the two of us will be doing!

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