Cooling Castle Barn

A cold march morning became the setting for Sam & Sam as they became Mr and Mrs Lennon. set in the historic walls of Cooling Castle this barn wedding was a day to never forget!

How and when did you meet?
We just so happened to be like the cool kids and found each other on a dating app back in May 2016

Tell us about the Proposal and where did it happen?
We went on a romantic holiday in Gran Canaria for our two year anniversary, my now-husband Sam had it all planned out. He even had the camera set up to record the moment he got down on one knee. With no one else around it was our very one magical moment in the sun. A moment I didn’t see coming and one I will never forget.

What one word best describes each other and what it means to you?
Compatible- we both get each other, being that we started our dating on an app we had to hit it off in calls and texts way before we bonded over a drink together. The things we both learned about each other in the early days of our relationship build the bonds we have today.

Your Dress why did you fall in love with it?
The way it made me feel, special, beautiful.

Tell us about Cooling Castle Barns, how did you find them?
A friend sister got married there a few years ago and I knew the moment I stepped foot into Cooling Castle Barns this would be the place I would say yes to Sam. From the balcony giggles with the girls during preparations to the quiet little kiss we had under the towering castle gates, every part of our day was perfect.

I remember when we went to view it we both walked in took one look at the place then one look at each other and said in unison, “This is where we are getting married.”

Were there any surprises on your magical day?
We had no idea about the giant S The Filming Company made on the castle grounds while we had the quiet kiss out front. It wasn’t until we saw our trailer the next day. It gave us goosebumps.

Did you have any readings? why did you pick those to speak on your day?
We had two reading during our wedding, my sister and my 8-year-old cousin. We knew as soon as we set a date they would play a part in our day just as they play a big part in our lives.

Who was your

We were fortunate to have a trusting family friend capture our wedding. Being that they are friends of the family it makes our photos even more special to us.

Make-up Artist?
Recommend by our venue, that being said they made us feel so special during the morning and if I can say it we all looked flawless.

Like most brides, I planned this day in my head for years… The venues changed as I grew the dress was never the same in each new dream of my big day but my best friend, she was always doing our hair on the day.

As the bride, you stayed overnight at Cooling Castle Barns. How did Sam make it to the venue?
Sam got to arrive at our wedding in my fathers beautiful yet fast Jaguar convertible, he even had time to take Nick from The Filming Company for a little spin round the block.

What was your favourite part of your wedding film?
The vows, it all happens so fast you forget what you said to each other.

Were there any funny moments that you will always remember in your Wedding Film?
Speeches, listening to Sam talk about his family and my Father talk about memories from my childhood are moments we take for granted in everyday life.

Why did you choose us to film your wedding and what did you think of your experience being filmed?
To be able to look back and watch everything again. I forgot most of the time there was a camera there

Any advice for future wedding couples thinking about having their special day filmed by The Filming Company?
Book as soon as you set a date, it will be the best money you spend and you won’t be disappointed.

Project Details

Client : Samantha and Sam Lennon
Date : March 6, 2018
Skills : Weddings
Address : https://www.coolingcastlebarn.com

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