Lydia + Steve

Having a December wedding, we wanted a warm, cosy atmosphere and a venue with loads of character, the woodland grounds are beautiful


Why do you want to capture your wedding at The Ravenswood on film?

From day one we both agreed that photography and videography were going to be important parts of our wedding, we knew no matter how much time and money went into everything else, if it hasn’t been recorded or captured beautifully then it wouldn’t do the day justice! When we received our wedding trailer and video, we knew we made the right choice. Being able to re-experience the happiest day of our lives whenever we want to has brought us both nothing but joy! Having the wedding video to relive the vows and the speeches is amazing, but the truly special candid moments that were captured like hugging a loved one, the smiles, the laughter and parts of the day you didn’t even get a chance to see as the bride and groom, well . . . it makes it all worth it!

Is there a favourite film of yours on our web site? We’d really love to know which one and why?

Our favourite video is “Mr and Mrs Lennon at Cooling Castle” we watched that video over and over so many times and I think really sealed the deal for us. It has everything we wanted, sweeping drone shots, beautiful close ups, dynamic angles, intimate moments and is all cut together seamlessly. We would even watch it on mute and play music over the top to help us pick the song for our wedding trailer!

Why did you pick us to film your wedding at The Ravenswood?

We loved meeting Morgan and Nick at our venues wedding fair, they are both such kind, warm and fun people. We could tell how passionate they were and how much they loved what they do, and it shows! We loved their work and were blown away by their wedding trailers, so we knew we had to have them!

You guys?… What do you do ?.. How do you spendyour days?.. What’s important in life?

We are both graphic designers working in publishing in London. Steve works on Fiction and Non-Fiction books and Lydia works on Children’s books. We also both do illustration (we met each other at Plymouth University where we both studied illustration)

Was there a proposal? Tell us everything?

Steve proposed on our 4-year anniversary. We had booked a nice relaxing spa weekend at Stapleford Park in Leicestershire. On the night of our anniversary we went down for dinner and Steve had booked a private dining room for us to have our dinner in. I still had no idea what was about to happen, and after our meal Steve got down on one knee and proposed! It was lucky that Steve still had a ring to propose with, as he says he was so close to dropping it down the loo when he was nervously checking it before dinner!

The Ravenswood… Why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

We have friends and family all over the country, so for us we decided that the best thing was to pick a venue that we loved instead of fixating on location because there was never going to be that perfect middle ground for everyone.

Having a December wedding, we wanted a warm, cosy atmosphere and a venue with loads of character, the woodland grounds are beautiful but having a December wedding we also prepared ourselves for how the weather might not play ball! So, the inside was just as important for us in terms of photographs and atmosphere. We loved the flow of the building and how well the events of the day would play out. We were also incredibly lucky, we had booked the venue about 2 years before the actual wedding, and so each time we returned to the venue something new had been added or redecorated, allowing us to fall in love with the venue over and over again!

What’s in store for your guests when they arrive at the venue?

The main thing for us was we wanted to be able to share the happiest day of our lives with all our family and friends and we wanted them to enjoy themselves and have fun as much as possible!