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Nick Williamson

Nick spent his childhood growing up in the North East of England and, for the most part of that, he was very much in front of the camera. He found his love for the stage and screen early in his life and made it his goal to make others laugh and smile. Now you will find him down South, and his work takes him around the globe, filming amazing people and wondrous things.

The Filming Company was born from Nick’s purchase of a film production camera (much to the horror of his wife). If only at this point we could say, “The rest is history….” but Nick has a problem with perfection (in a good way). He is hard-working at what he creates and it has taken him many years to develop his creative skills. In the corporate world, he has been fortunate to gain big breaks with contracts such as Krispy Kreme and Gatwick Airport.

Don’t let that company talk fool you – at the heart of his drive is the more personal side to the productions he creates. Yes, you’ve guessed it, he can’t help but be at a wedding! In fact, he can’t stay away from them! At the heart of everything The Filming Co. creates, is the passion harnessed from the spontaneous moments of filming a wedding.

Morgan Andrews
Creative Director

If you ask Morgan he will more then likely tell you that he has never grown up. It’s this outlook that led him to basically invent the travel Vlog before YouTube was even a thing. Delving through very old uploads to social media will reveal some of his documentary credentials in and around various African, Asian and European countries.

Getting married and having kids might have stopped his roaming it also made him realise how much his family loves their wedding video and gave him the idea of turning that passion into a stable career. He studied film and digital production at university and knows how to craft a narrative whether for a feature film or 15 second Instagram story.

A qualified drone pilot, and fearless spirit, he’s all about capturing the best shot by almost any means necessary and he won’t miss a beat from your event. He has a positive impact on any production he’s involved in from putting people at ease to creating great set pieces. He likes filming weddings as it keeps him from getting jaded with promoting products and concepts. He also likes filming corporate gigs because it’s stops him from getting too caught up the emotional rollercoasters that are weddings. In short, he loves filming and editing regardless of the project. The best part of the job? Hearing that his work had exceeded client expectation.

Danni Williamson
Event Marketing

When Danni is not hard at work moulding the young children of her teaching day job she is all hands on deck to create the best shows and events for The Filming Company.

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